Sundays in family

8th June

At Dona Maria, every Sunday lunch is special!

Sunday is family day, and at Dona Maria, we want to make it even more special. Join us and savor the authentic flavors of Portuguese cuisine, where tradition meets modernity to create memorable moments.

Portuguese Traditional Dishes: In addition to our regular menu, we present dishes that emanate the true taste of Portuguese tradition. It's a unique opportunity to taste the warmth and authenticity of dishes that are part of our heritage.

Family Sharing: We promote the joy of sharing. Each dish is served in generous platters, inviting families to gather around the table and enjoy the richness of our culinary heritage together.

Exquisite Accompaniments: Enjoy our traditional dishes with the perfect choice of local wines, creating a sublime combination that enhances every flavor.

Cozy Atmosphere: We've created a warm and family-friendly atmosphere where good food meets contagious laughter. We believe that a good meal is a complete experience.

Book your table and get ready for a journey of taste, sharing, and joy. Because at Dona Maria, every Sunday is a celebration of Portuguese tradition and family unity.